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How to Get Government Subsidized Fertilizer 2023

The fertilizer subsidy in Kenya is a program by the government aimed at helping farmers to access fertiliser at a bit lower price. Under this program, the cost of fertilizer is reduced to Ksh 3,500. In January this year, the government of Kenya kicked off the training of deputy county commissioners, cooperative officers, chiefs, assistant chiefs and other government administrators who will be helping in the distribution of the subsidized fertilizer.

Farmers will be picking the subsidized fertilizers from the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) stations nearest to them. NCPB is working together with the Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) and other state agencies in the distribution process to ensure that as many farmers as possible get the subsidized fertilizers before the rains start.

For you to access the subsidized fertilizers, you must register under the e-voucher system. This system was rolled by the government to not only ensure traceability and full accountability of the distribution process but also to address the challenges that farmers faced such as travelling long distances and failure to get enough of the inputs.

How to register on the fertilizer subsidy e-voucher system

To access the subsidized fertiliser, a farmer registers on the e-voucher system through their phone by dialling *707#. In the registration process, the farmer provides details of the size of land and the type of fertilizer they need. They then pay via Mpesa or Airtel Money and get issued with an e-voucher which they will use to collect the fertilizer from their nearest depot. The assistant chiefs can help in this process.

Farmers are allowed to buy only the amount of fertilizer they need for their size of land. For example, a farmer with 1 acre can only be able to purchase 2 bags of fertilizer.


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